With Missouri’s statewide stay-at-home order expiring and non-essential businesses being allowed to reopen, I am happy to announce that North Village Recording will resume in-person services (including recording) with clients beginning Monday, May 4, 2020.

I am not making this decision lightly. Operating procedures will be different when we allow clients to reenter, and these procedures will likely stay in place thru the summer and longer if necessary. These procedures will include:

  • Limitations on the number of people allowed in the building: No more than 5 people including the hired engineer will be allowed in the building at once. We are asking all clients NOT to bring individuals who are not involved in the creative process to the studio, and we will reserve the right to not allow those people in the building. Again, the max number of occupants will be 5, and all of them need to be involved creatives. We will not allow this number to be exceeded, under any circumstances.
  • Mandatory face coverings: Anyone entering the building will be required to bring a face-mask or covering with them to the studio. With the exception of recording vocals, these masks will need to be worn while occupying the building at all times.
  • Temperature scanning before entry: Anyone wanting to enter the building will be subject to touchless infrared temperature scanning before being allowed entry. We would also like to encourage everyone coming to the studio to self-check their own temperature before coming to the studio when possible. Anyone with a head temp exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed entry.
  • Measured social distancing: Seating in the control room and floors in the tracking rooms will be marked to ensure clients and staff are maintaining proper social distancing. Clients will be asked to maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance between themselves and staff.
  • Proper hygiene and awareness: While this goes without saying, maintaining proper hygiene and health is imperative to stopping the spread of all disease. Clients who are exhibiting symptoms of illness or are exhibiting poor hygiene will be asked to leave the studio. No exceptions.

The ONLY reason we are reopening with the “rest of the state” is because the number of cases in Boone County has stayed very low over the past weeks. Boone Hospital has not had a COVID patient in over a month, and University Hospital has discharged all of their patients with known cases to home quarantine. There is also drive-thru testing available in the city.

The Mixing Boutique will remain closed to clients in the building until better assessments about the number of cases and available testing in St. Louis City and STL County become available. I will continue to provide mixing, mastering and post-production services from TMB without clients in the building during that time.

I still feel the threat of spreading COVID-19 thru a massive reopening and seeing an increase in cases is very real, that’s why these measures need to be implemented and honored. There is a responsible way to go about transitioning to a post-shutdown reality that doesn’t involve shutting down again. I’ll do anything to make that happen and keep making records. Let’s do it together.


Tim Hanson


Hanson Industries

North Village Recording LLC / The Mixing Boutique LLC

The link to our schedule of available sessions as well as our booking policies can be found by clicking HERE.

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