North Village Recording is 950 square feet of pure studio awesomeness! All rooms feature brand-new wood flooring and are designed to equally inspire creativity and have a great audio imprint. Our Control Room features a 40” wall-mounted HDTV which displays the console monitor for easy collaboration between the engineer and clients. Our tracking rooms have individually unique sounds to them, all with different ceiling heights and different levels of acoustical treatment to enhance their character. This provides our clients with a high level of diversity when deciding the sound they are looking for in their recordings. And our lounge? Forget about it! NVR has everything you need to make fantastic recordings and have fun while you’re doing it!


The heart of North Village Recording, our Control Room is where we orchestrate sound into the high quality recordings and mixes we have become known for. With a console that features a multi-fader Pro Tools control surface, multiple monitoring systems, racks of outboard gear, and top notch production instruments, our Control Room has the tools necessary to make your audio shine!


Room A is our main recording room. It is a marvel of sonic goodness. It’s covered wall-to-wall in acoustic treatment and is spacious enough for your entire band, choir, or group voiceover project. It’s great for solo recordings, too! Anything you want to record while enjoying a open, unconstrained feel and sound is ideal for Room A.


Room B is our live tracking room. We’ve left the plaster and lathe walls of our 1920’s construction mostly untreated to offer a room rich in tone that is great for recording drums, brass, strings, or anything where you want a sound that is going to make your listener feel like they’re right there with you.


Our lounge is the perfect place to take a session break, enjoy a meal, or wait for that habitually late band member. Amenities include a huge refrigerator, microwave, glass-top oven/range, cabinet storage, sink, comfy leather seating, tables, and an awesome entertainment center featuring a 40” Sony Bravia HDTV and Playstation 3 which is Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO GO enabled. We also have multiple controllers, Blu-ray remote, and a huge selection of games!